October 17, 2018

2009 Mazda 3

"So I dropped off my 2009 Mazda 3 because the trans was shifting hard(Suggested by Just tires) and to find out it was low on trans fluid, unknown to me Sam found it was short 4 qts because of my mess up when I was changing my engine oil I drained the wrong plug, I felt so DUMB so I went out and purchased another 5 qt of engine oil so Sam could replace. All said and done Sam saved the day. Thanks Sam for your service I will definitely use Sam for service again."
October 17, 2018

"As always , these guys deliver! Family owned, fair prices, good honest mechanics. They fixed all the issues on my Corvette. Thanks again guys! "
August 3, 2018

"After being told by the Ford Dealership that I needed a complete transmission replacement, I took my 2011 Ford Edge to Russ at Ace and his team diagnosed the problem as a pair of bad wheel hubs by simply putting the vehicle up on the lift and running the engine through the shifting. These guys know what they're doing and saved me close to $3000 in unnecessary repairs. Highly recommended for transmission and any other type of vehicle repairs you might need. "
December 12, 2017

"Took my BMW to get serviced at the dealer ship due to a transmission fault alert on my monitor display along with my car not shifting gears properly. The BMW dealership diagnosed my car for a new transmission, I left the dealership with disbelieve and went on looking for a different solution. That's when i came across ACE transmission and got my car diagnosed. They found that my car did not need a new transmission and recommended a computer update that was potentially needed to fix my problem, this saved me thousands of dollars because once done I left ACE transmission my problem was gone ! They didn't just fix my problem they went beyond that and called back within a week to make sure my car was running good. It's hard to find such trust worthy mechanics now a days and that's what you will find coming in to ACE transmissions, you will leave this place satisfied."
February 21, 2016

Thanks Russ!

"Fantastic service. My Honda had a bad shudder when driving & was getting worse. Had car in at dealer for another problem & inquired about the shudder and told it was the torque converter. Was like pulling teeth to get information and couldn't get a call back. I contacted Ace Transmission in Hanover Park and spoke with Russ. I knew this Business had been around for many many years. Russ was exceptional. He went over and beyond to explain everything to me and was more than patient with answering all of my questions. I took my car in for a diagnosis and estimate and approved the repair - which was a great decision. This is a family run business and they treat you with great respect. I felt so confident with them. After a few days Russ called to say my car was ready to pick up and the cost was below the estimate. Russ was absolutely amazing and took the time to explain what was done. Very pleased with this family business and highly recommend going there. They are extremely knowledgeable"