June 15, 2021

"Ask for Sam!!! They don't make old school guys like this these days.. family owned business all them are stand up guys.. Sam went out of his way to help me out with my transmission rebuilt my th350 with a shift kit 3500 stall for a excellent price.. had me done in a few days even took the time to drop it off and help install.. last year they put a 4.10 gear posse.. Sam is the man!!!"
May 24, 2021

"Finding a good Transmission Repair Shop is hard. Finding a good Transmission Repair Shop that is honest, trustworthy, capable and the best at what they do conveniently located is almost impossible. Ace Transmission is all of these things and more. You can expect honest customer interaction, the highest quality repairs and fair pricing. I always go to Ace Transmission when I have any concerns about a potential transmission problem."
April 11, 2021

"I highly recommend ACE Transmission, Inc. to anyone who is looking for a place to bring their vehicle where they can trust that they are not getting getting deceived and that they are working with honest and caring professionals who have your best interest in mind. I purchased a used vehicle that needed some transmission work done that did not show any symptoms at the time of purchase. I specifically worked with Junior who was extremely honest and clear not only about what work needed to be done, but whether or not the work was worth it based on what I paid for the vehicle compared to the cost of the service. Junior gave me clear and honest advice through multiple conversations on the phone and was not pressuring in any way since this was a big decision. His advice and experience working with these vehicles for a long time helped me to make my decision to fix the vehicle and not try to sell it immediately thinking it will be a money pit down the road. Junior also offered to check a couple other major components in the drivetrain to confirm that the transmission fix was worth the time and money to make this vehicle last a very long time. Being a car enthusiast who is very particular about who works on my vehicles, I will be headed back here if there are jobs that I need done that I cannot complete myself."
March 24, 2021

March 22, 2021

"Thus is a great place to bring your car to get it diagnosed they got the car in in no time told what was wrong and checked warranty and it was cover thanks for your great service"