Brake Repair in Hanover Park, IL

brake repair

Of all the components that make up your vehicle, your brakes are among the most important. Whether you’re slowing steadily as you approach a red light or you’re forced to slam on them to avoid a collision, your brakes are a critical part of your driving experience. If they’re not working properly, your life is at risk.

The professionals at Ace Transmission, Inc. want to make sure you, your passengers and anyone else on the road is safe at all times. That’s why we specialize in brake services. We know that the difference between functioning brakes and those in need of service is enough to save you from a potentially dangerous accident. Our abilities span the gamut of brake needs, including:

brake repair

Brake Repair

If you’re passed the life of your brakes and have begun to damage calipers or warp rotors, it’s important to seek brake repair in Hanover Park, IL. Having new brakes installed is only one part of the equation: the other is having these peripheral components repaired to ensure everything is working as it should be.

brakes replacement

Brake Replacement

Brakes not stopping like they used to? Hearing a scraping or squealing noise when you press the pedal? If so, it’s time for brake replacement in Hanover Park, IL. We can replace disc and drum brakes and help you restore the stopping power to your vehicle so you can stay safe on the road.

Of all the routine things to skip out on, brakes aren’t one of them. Consult with our staff today if your brakes aren’t performing as they should be and we’ll get you back on the road with brakes that work to the fullest levels of safety and protection. Contact us today by calling 630-289-8030 to schedule an appointment for brake replacement in Hanover Park, IL.